Stories get to the heart.  When I write music, I write to tell stories in hopes they might help out my fellow humans.  

Each of my albums has intentionally told a story, leading from one album to the next.  My next album, Community And The Void (being recorded through an Indiegogo fundraiser and pre-sale at Parzival Myr and Radical Hearts: Albums That Matter) continues the story.  But before I share some of what's in Community And The Void, I thought you might like to hear the story in my last album, 

Pisces Rising

A sensitive soul is emboldened by an experience of true, timeless love (which you can hear in "City In Your Heart", the finale of the previous Postmodern Love).  In the first song, “Beauty Saves”, they accept risk, separation, and even death to spread a message of love.  In “Modern Peace”, despite a realization of the dangers of our day and age, they still feel blessed simply by this experience of love.  In “True Love”, a family legacy of love and a desire for freedom through generations is worn as a badge of honor.  

But the cost of separation and the intimacy lost in a quest to spread greater love weighs heavy, and in "Til I Knew You" a true appreciation of companionship with another soul grows.  Despite an appreciation of what was, change has already been set in motion. In “Transparency (The End)” a commitment to unfolding greater love can no longer be hidden, and leads to a sense of meaning and fate. Old ways of life colored by shame and fear are broken in flashes of knowing and unfolding freedom.  

Still, the feeling of loss and the experience of human suffering that follows this break is unexpectedly stark, as expressed in “Flower Child”.  Only an earthy connection to others and a mindful awareness of our fleeting time together, things found in partner dancing, begin to rebuild hope and relationships, as expressed in “Seven Dances (To Save The World)".

After the bitter pill of loss, and contemplation of the humanity of all, a greater experience of life emerges in “The Radness”.  The beginnings of simpler human living are humble, but there is a desire and vigor to do what can be done with this one good body in the last song, “Creature”


Community And The Void picks up where the story left off.  The individual brings the immediacy and natural presence developed through the experiences in “Pisces Rising” to bear in building long-term relationships and community... More story to come!

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