Besides the fun of it, why create and invite you to Parzival shows, like our weekly Thursday sets with Marmalade at High Dive in February?  Why grow a musical message?  Because there is power in music. 

Myself and those involved with Parzival music believe too often the transformative force of music and art is used without rudder, so we work to maintain a creative vision.  What is that vision?  Simply put, our songs are made to act like rites, expressing processes we all could go through in order to participate more fully in our times.  Chief among those rites:  Let Go, Dance, And Make Peace. 

These rites come out in the lyrics and feeling tones of the songs.  When you need to Let Go, just listen to “Transparency (The End)” as it encourages you to let go of shame and fear, and embrace boldness, change, and togetherness. 

And Dance.  As I wrote last week, my songs “Throw A Revolution” and “Seven Dances (To Save The World)” encourage the sacred act of dance, and its spirit of joy and connection that is so vital to thriving in our times. 

And Make Peace... When you go out and dance and connect with others, you may encounter the tragedy and conflict, abuse and neglect of self, others, and environment with which our world is rife.  When you make peace in the face of these things, you participate in another critical rite of our times.  Songs like "City in Your Heart" and "Modern Peace" speak to making peace in a hectic world. 

So when you come out, listen, and support a Parzival show, we think you are participating in and contributing to movements to Let Go, Dance, and Make Peace.  So come out, enjoy, and know that we hope what you are doing goes beyond the hour of music you experience, the CD you listen to, or the event information or video you share with others.  We are getting together so that we all, including those that need it most, might Let Go, Dance, and Make Peace. 

Join us on Thursday, February 19 and February 26 for two more shows at the High Dive in Fremont with improv funk band Marmalade.  We play at 8:30 sharp, cover is $6, 21+.  Info and RSVP is here.  We’d love to see you there!